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There are Balloons and Then There are Balloons

one spring day
last century
way before sputnik
mother and I
went to the park
we fed the pigeons
strolled along a dirt path
and passed some boys
flying kites
I noticed
a little girl
who lost a balloon
and began to cry
she must have been
about my age
and inconsolable
I asked mother
where balloons go
when they die
I was quite serious
in my inquiry
with concern
for the little girl
she assured me
that good balloons
go to heaven
I was relieved
I asked
if there was a balloon hell
and she replied yes
for windbags
full of hot air
I didn’t get it
and shrugged
on our way home
I noticed a man
whistling at her
she ignored him
as we approached our street
she told me that the man
who was whistling
was full of hot air
I was sure
he was going to balloon hell
with the rest
of the bad balloons
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