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Weather’s Might

ycabinbeyond a shaky fence
hissy clouds excel high speed
rattling old cabin

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Winter Watch


a break in the sun
father winter subtly near
ominous stray clouds

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Dusk Becomes You

heated clouds
high pitch kettle whistling
dusk becomes you

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One Chimney

So many trees, so few chimneys. — Jarod Kintz

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Find It With Patience

Happiness lives in every corner of your home and if you are homeless, it lives under the leaves of trees, hiding beneath the sky’s cloudiness. All you need to do is to find it with patience. ― Munia Khan

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I am nothing but
Oxygen and hydrogen,
A luminous sphere of plasma
Held together by helium and gravity,
And like a balloon I float on earth,
Waiting to be released back into the sky,
Waiting to go back in the reverse direction
From which I came,
Traveling through a warm tunnel of light,
And out into a dark, cold abyss
Where I will explode into a thousand pieces.
I shall leave behind my body,
Just like air abandons the skin of
A shattered balloon,
And the magnetic dust that carries my
Heart and spirit will lift us back
To congregate and shine
With the stars.
Home again,
In the fluorescent
Kingdom of the constellations,
I will once again be called by
My soul’s true name.
And my heart,
It will flicker again,
With every memory
From its many
And with every wish
Made by a child.

― Suzy Kassem

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