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Dear Friends, Lately, I’ve been busy on FB and Twitter and not blogging as much. When I saw Shakespeare’s neo quote above, I thought it would be fun to bring you a chuckle. If you are on FB or Twitter, let’s connect.

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Verification Codes

I was asked by WordPress a few weeks ago to do a 2 step process for verification sign in. I complied and am having THE Most difficult time.

Instead of eliminating this process, (thought of deep sixing it) I decided to re-do the verification for security purposes (I’m all for safety).

Today, I had an almost impossible time entering the site because — the verification code, which I wrote down very carefully — was considered invalid.

I tried making a few comments on blogs but was unable to because the code was asked for.

Hope to rectify this situation.

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Pithy Post

I’ve noticed that there are many wonderful blogs that get very few likes.  It astounds me how this can be when the posts are so great!  I know it takes time to build a following.  Just an observation.

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Nuther Blog

Dear Friends and Fellow Bloggers,
I’ve been working on the Paws N Reflect blog. Feel free to drop by and/or follow. Might be something there you may like!
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