Rose Of Sharon

RoseOfSharon1I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys. — Bible

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7 thoughts on “Rose Of Sharon

  1. Beautiful….

  2. Thank you very much!

  3. Docmarine

    Loverlee as a ROSE!

  4. I love the Rose of Sharon and am giving serious thought to digging up one of my rose gardens and planting it to a Rose of Sharon. The roses in the garden require an incredible amount of work and the Rose of Sharon does a nice job of taking care of itself. I have a Rose of Sharon in the back yard and the poor thing receives little attention due to where it’s planted and it blooms profusely every year. Some of the new colors available are heavenly!

  5. Sheri, if you love Rose of Sharon, I urge you to follow thru. Let me know how it works out. ❤️

  6. Will do. I know I have to simplify my gardens. I can no longer be outside the number of hours that the garden requires plus our temperatures are soaring higher each summer. We had three weeks straight up triple digit heat. But the gardens didn’t wait. I still had to go out and water and deadhead roses and other plants. The rose of Sharon in my backyard

  7. I meant to say, the rose of Sharon in my backyard is no trouble at all and it’s very pretty. It sounds to me like a good solution to the number of hours I need to cut out of being in the garden.

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