It was an ordinary day.

I went grocery shopping. The amount came to 19 dollars even. I handed the cashier a 20 dollar bill and she gave me back one.

When I looked down at it I saw that it had some writing on it. As you can see it says Bonnie J — that is my first name and middle initial. — I was dumbstruck and felt kind of weird, at first.

Then I looked around — how silly of me — there was no genie or angel standing beside me — shucks! — and nothing magical happened. But, what a coincidence! Was someone or something trying to tell me something or make contact? I do not know.

I have since placed the dollar inside an envelope for safe keeping. Perhaps there was a reason and I will know it someday — but if there isn’t — and if I don’t — at least I am a dollar richer (old joke, wink, wink).

What started out as an ordinary day made me feel anything but after that coincidence. (?)

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2 thoughts on “Coincidence?

  1. A wonderful story thank you for sharing!

  2. No, I believe there are no accidents. You will find out….

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