The Fruitcakes


fruitcake6 fruitcake4

we went to a party
the ambiance fun

folks were all gaping
at sweaters a ton

the uglies aplenty
competition galore

we’re 2nd prize winners!
fruit lovers for sure

Wonderful. Gives a whole new meaning to flour power. You’ll undoubtedly change the world, one fruitcake at a time. ― Kimberly Frost

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11 thoughts on “The Fruitcakes

  1. So adorable.

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  2. Best Christmas sweater ever!

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  3. Aww, Thank you Cindy! ❤


  4. Everybody knows the sensible thing to do with fruitcake is to soak it in rum, whisky, and brandy. Gimme that sweater….

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  5. 😀


  6. a new meaning of FRUITCAKE’s!

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  7. Congrats on second place! How ugly was first place? Not saying yours are ugly but not saying pretty either. You all were cute and courageous!

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  8. Thanks Linda….
    First prize went to a lady who attached tons of props to her sweater including lights. She wore a singing hat and that clinched it. We are more than satisfied with the outcome. We didn’t expect to win anything.
    There are NO ugly Xmas sweaters! IMHO.


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