Diabetes – A Game Changer

PensiveCyBB My cat’s diabetic
What should I do!
The diagnosis sudden
I had no clue

He wasn’t a fatty
Or senior pet
The insulin shots
Every day he’ll get

He’s losing weight
Will check recipes
For lo carb diets
To feed properly

It isn’t easy
But there’s no hedge
Control his diabetes
That is my pledge

Suddenly, at the age of 6, my sweet male cat was diagnosed with Diabetes. This is a life changer for him as well as for his human family. So many things to consider and dietary changes are occurring — to the temporary chagrin of a multi-cat household.

To say that I am slightly distracted in an understatement so I’m sure you’ll understand why my posts are scant.


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4 thoughts on “Diabetes – A Game Changer

  1. Kev

    Aw… bless him! Poor little bugger. He looks sad in that pic. He is a beauty though. Oh, you must be so worried. Keep us posted, Bonnie.

  2. Hi Kev, Thanks for commenting. I am slowly coming down from “shock mode” – concerned, very concerned….have dealt with many health issues over the years but first time with a diabetic — outlook=positive…learning a lot, going with the flow — he is a Very Good (boy) Patient which makes dealing with it easier. B

  3. Kev

    Glad you have a positive outlook, Bonnie. I immediately thought about Rico’s temperament (my black cat) and thought, OMG! It’s a nightmare just getting flea drops on him, never mind doing insulin shots and EVERY DAY! I’m so glad he’s a good boy. 😀 What’s his name?

  4. If he was not an easy cat, there is no way his diabetes could be managed. The best scenario is that we may have caught it early enough so diet alone may work. He is only getting one unit of insulin in the am at present.
    His name is Cy Man and he sends his Uncle Kev from across the big pond, lots of purrs. ❤

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