if man
can moves mountains
why do
rigid thoughts
in impenetrable heads
causing war

is it because
the wo
preceding man
is absent?

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9 thoughts on “Why

  1. Kathy Waller

    I’ll buy that.

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  2. that first stanza is so powerful~


  3. Hi Bonny, love this power poem, perhaps the rigidity is following mans interpretation of the Holy books, rather than the word of God. This one of the many things that artificially causes difference between peoples. There are many interesting and great initiatives going on in the world, but because of how skewed the news reporting is, it is difficult to here about these. Best wishes and blessings Charles.

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  4. Well done! Interesting about the ability to physically do things yet not always mentally…

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  5. Kev

    Could well be, bonnie. Could well be. 🙂

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