Do You Accept Blog Awards?

If you do, please post yes and I will add you to my list. It will save me a lot of time searching for recipients. 

Thank you.

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5 thoughts on “Do You Accept Blog Awards?

  1. Kev

    I don’t generally post them bonnie, but I do keep a folder on my laptop with them in… for possible future use. 😀

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  2. I don’t do awards…


  3. lol, I KNOW! 😀


  4. yes – of course – I agree with you!!


  5. I accept and pass on awards. Knowing the time that goes into the posts and the intent behind them, I consider them an honor to receive. It is also a good way to introduce my readers – an eclectic group – to others they may not otherwise read.
    I strayed from the path, bending the rules on a couple of the awards, to promote Suicide Awareness month last year:

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