The Privileged

in diapers of gold
exhibiting smugness
early on

of guile
to others

the globe
leaving disgust
in its wake

of thee i seethe

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7 thoughts on “The Privileged

  1. Bonnie – this is great blog, It reminds almost to drama on theatre in my school when I was a student. Your blog took me 25 years ago of great memories.

  2. Wow, Thank you Mihrank! I am trying to write more poetry. So glad you like. 🙂

  3. I will be waiting for your poetries! You have such a classical writing!

  4. You give me more credit than I deserve. 🙂

  5. A hard working women deserve a compliment!

  6. Great Blog. I think I am going back to writing poetry (my favorite thing to write) and Small Stones which I really liked! Keep up the good verses!

  7. A very valued compliment. Thank you.

    Your small stones are exquisite. Look forward to them, poetry too. 🙂

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