The Charmer

last night
the moon spoke to me
in a dream

he was curious
about image

 and wondered
if he’s still respected

after all these years

told him i wouldn’t know
since i’ve only been around
a fraction of the time
he’s been in existence

he said that in moon years
 i was older than he was
only prettier

 i stared ahead in disbelief
for what seemed like a fortnight

he broke the silence with 
 a peace offering
of  fresh cream cheese

the next think I knew
woke up
ran to the mirror
 my face
didn’t see any wrinkles
but there was a hint of cream cheese
smudged on my nose

ya gotta love a flatterer with a sense of humor!

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One thought on “The Charmer

  1. Super Stuff!

    Next stop;Laurettttte!

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