Elephant Ears

way before
the little dough boy
ever giggled
mother and I
walked to the bakery
for rye bread
with seeds


I never liked those seeds
they got stuck in my teeth
and tasted rather tart
if you bit down on them
by accident


one day
while slicing bread
the baker asked
if I would like a cookie


I said yes
with mother’s approval
of course


he handed me
an elephant ears cookie
the likes of which
I’d never seen before
or since


I asked to take it with me
so he wrapped it up


I put in in my pocket
and took it home


after 3 days
mother noticed the cookie
nestled in a napkin
still in tact


she asked
why I hadn’t eaten the cookie
and I replied
that I was waiting
to return it to dumbo
who must be missing it


there was no laughter
coming from mother
only concern
she thought I taking this
much too seriously


she said it was only a cookie
and I was being too sensitive
a word I understood
but could hardly pronounce
because of 2 missing incisors


I told her someone
had to be sensitive to dumbo
elephants have feelings
and ears
just like we do


mother rolled her eyes
and left it at that


I don’t know
what ever happened
to that cookie
mother probably fed it
to the birds


to this day
I won’t eat them


how silly of me

“Nature’s great masterpiece, an elephant – the only harmless great thing.” – John Donne

       credit: clipart graphic

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2 thoughts on “Elephant Ears

  1. such a precious story wrapped so nicely within a poem

  2. Thanks! Appreciate encouraging comment. 🙂

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