ONCE UPON A TIME … there was a little owl who lived in the forest among friends.  He was very shy and had trouble expressing himself.

When he wanted to show appreciation and tried to hoot, he blushed and got bill-tied. He even tried clapping his wings, but, that too didn’t work.   They made so much noise, tired him out and he lost some feathers to boot!

Then one day, he decided to use his eyes, and lo and behold … it worked!  They spoke in superlatives so profound, his loving glow could not be mistaken for anything else but awe and appreciation.

The little owl remained shy the rest of his life but it didn’t matter  to his friends.  Whether he hooted, clapped or  glowed, they loved him just the way he was.  They knew his heart was always in the right place.

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4 thoughts on “Owl

  1. Very sweet! I love your story!!

  2. Oh Thank you Daphne. I really appreciate that. ♥ˆ◡ˆ)

  3. Kathy Waller

    Lovely story. It’s often best to go with what you got. He was probably an introvert.

  4. That’s a sweet analysis Kathy. :))

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