October Bloom

In October most summer annuals begin to die off.  Couldn’t throw this plant out because a few purple hold outs were in full bloom, though the rest of the plant looked straggly.  This particular petunia begged to be photographed.  So glad I did.  I’ll be sad when it dies.

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9 thoughts on “October Bloom

  1. Beautiful and vibrant

  2. It’s beautiful!

  3. cyberbonn

    Thank you!

  4. Do not blame you. I would not want to throw that bloom away. Petunias are so pretty and fragany

  5. Beautiful ❤ this one will live for longer now that it’s on your blog, helping others to see the beauty

  6. cyberbonn

    Thanks Bev ❤ Glad you like it. I thought it was special.

  7. cyberbonn

  8. Gorgeous! I just pulled my petunias and while things look cleaner and neater, I hated to see them go!

  9. Amphib Jim

    Worth the effort;water,water,water!

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