To The Dog

he is not perfect
his nose is too long
his left toe is crooked
his body’s all wrong

if only his coat
would drape him just right
his looks would turn heads
from morning till night

but handsome he is
his family knows
that most are not perfect
to hell with dog shows

so why do we judge
what’s outward – not in
we all have this habit
it is such a sin

a dog gives so much
to all human kind
they love, save, revere
please keep that in mind

Bonnie Gaines 
for Bucky

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4 thoughts on “To The Dog

  1. Looks perfect to me. There is no such thing as imperfection, just individual beauty:) Woof. And two paws up:)

  2. cyberbonn

    Thx 🙂

  3. really enjoyed your poem – nicely done :`)

  4. cyberbonn

    😯 thx so much!

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