Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time…there was a feral cat colony in the back parking lot of a real estate establishment. A friend asked me to help and I did.

Over 20 cats and kittens were spayed, neutered, wormed, inoculated and ear tipped. The friendlier ones got adopted. My husband and I kept the ones with potential and still work with them on a daily basis. They can be seen in some of the photos on this site. *It is very hard to give up your fosters after caring for them for a week or two or three or more.*

Some of the felines were too feral and returned (TNR) to the site. They are being cared for; though life on the streets is not great. Longevity is shortened by illness, predators, cars, etc.

Feral Cats Eating

Below is Garfield, formerly known as Orion, who happily resides in Florida with his wonderful owners, David and Mary Ann. It is always a joy to receive photos of him. Garfield is one of the lucky ones.

Santa Garfield with David

He was a little shy at first but Garfield came around quickly. Luckily he was adopted by people who understood his shyness and worked with him. He is now a mush as you can see above.

Orion nka Garfield

For more about TNR (trap, neuter, return) click here.

Please SPAY and NEUTER all pets and remind others to do so also.

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