When Adopting a Cat ~ Things to Consider


If you already own a cat and thinking of adding another, consider the pet at home that you already have. Is it shy? Aggressive? Lonely? Declawed? Grieving from the loss of another cat? Maybe your current cat likes to be the only cat. If this is the case and you add another, your household will will be in emotional disarray. Hoping they will be friends in time sometimes works – often times does not.

Consider the human adult members in your household. Does everyone agree on getting a pet? If you are married and think a new pet will grow on your spouse if they don’t want one – it won’t work. This will only cause friction and resentment against the newcomer.

Kids should not pick and choose. If your toddler or teen for that matter wants a cat that looks like Garfield, that is NOT a good enough reason to adopt him/her. A sage adult will choose wisely for all.

Want a certain color cat? Does that Siamese looking cat warm up to you? Is it friendly? Is the tabby seeking you out? Does it climb into your lap and purr? These are the kinds of things to consider. Be open minded. Your new cat will be around for a long time and the rapport you have together is paramount. (Black Cats who are often passed over, make EXCELLENT pets).

Senior vs. Kitten –  Some think that a kitten will rejuvenate a senior. This can be a good or bad idea. Some seniors, if they were friendly and accepting will tolerate the antics of a kitten who can be very trying at times. Some will hiss and spit and become reclusive and upset. Keeping the apart for a period of time will not always work. Kittens want to play, a senior wants to rest and live out its golden  years in peace, like humans. It can work in some cases.

Young couples wanting a cat and planning a family should think about what may happen when the new baby arrives. Will the cat be a bother? Afraid of the ridiculous old superstition that cats suck the breath out of babies? If necessary, will you give your cat away to a responsible person who’ll love your cat? Thought and careful consideration should go into securing a new owner.

There are many things to consider when adding another pet to your household besides the aforemetioned ones – such as gender, age, disposition, pairs, long vs. short hair, etc.

Think it over carefully. Impulsive decisions are often regretted.

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