Thru a Donut Hole


dear friend,

i had a ball
at our tête-à-tête

it seemed to bring out
the best in me
with the delicious
donut holes
you concocted

i especially loved
our words acrobat
in and out
with precision

i was totally mesmerized
with old wives tales
hula hooping
onto the floor
doing a split
in a trail of jelly

i delighted
in our laughter

as it zoomed into
the rafters
residual powder
on a stunned
resident spider

our memories
were touching
as they fell
into a fetal position

leaving a chocolate rorschach
melting on
a potted geranium

in the sun

but the best part
was our dreams
a frisbee
the dog

was playing with
that sprinkled
the persian rug
with hope

it was
a wonderful afternoon
thank you

next time
let’s do it with coffee
i’ll supply
the raincoats

i remain,
your faithful accomplice
outside the box

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Random Posts

I love to go on your blogs and look thru “random posts” – it’s an adventure and treat. Many are old gems that I’ll “like” if I’ve somehow missed seeing it. Try it sometime.

In case you don’t know how to find them, click under blog name (on the left) and go to where it says “random post” – it is between “short link” and “theme”.

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